Action Civics: To lead change, we must first teach it

Action Civics: To lead change, we must first teach it

An Oklahoma Board Member’s view on democracy in action

Our democracy relies on participation and adequate pluralism. Generation Citizen Oklahoma Local Board Member, Nyla Khan reflects on how civics education can achieve this as evidenced by students at Generation Citizen Oklahoma’s inaugural Civics Day in this article, published by Red Dirt Report.

In order to improve the election process for the people of the United States, particularly millennials, to engage and encourage them to be informed and to vote, it is imperative to identify issues that are important to voters to inspire them to want to make a significant difference by voting and participating. It is unfortunate that the average US citizen knows very little about how the local, state, or federal government works, which is why it is necessary to begin civic education in early grades, and this should press upon high school seniors the importance of registering to vote.

Local Board member Nyla Khan and Oklahoma Site Manager Amy Curran at Generation Citizen’s first Oklahoma Civics Day, May 12, 2017.
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