Next Generation Perspectives

Next Generation Perspectives: a discussion series showcasing the youth voice in the 2012 election
This fall, Generation Citizen and GOOD want the country to hear what young people think. To do this, we will be hosting bi-weekly panels during the 2012 presidential race for 16- to 24-year-olds throughout the country to ask young people about their opinions on the current state of politics, nationally and locally. These panels will be filmed and live-streamed on, moderated by well-known cultural influencers and local community leaders, continued in extensive social media conversations, and are also expected to attract local and national press coverage. 
Youth Ambassadors participating in these panels will have the opportunity to engage with peers on the election, receive media attention, and even have a chance to win a trip to Boston for Generation Citizen’s special election night party in November. 
The application deadline is Friday, September 14th, so encourage friends, family members, and classmates to apply today by e-mailing: Their message should include the following information:
  • – Name
  • – Age
  • – Contact information
  • – Response to the question: why should politicians care what young people think?
Apply now to make the youth voice heard!