19 Ways to Be Active in Your Community This Summer

19 Ways to Be Active in your Community this Summer
19 Ways to Be Active in your Community this Summer

Let us honor Juneteenth’s legacy by committing ourselves to continuous learning and critical patriotism.

Together, as active citizens, we can build a future where freedom, equality, and justice are not just ideals but lived realities. This day not only commemorates our past but also a call to action for a brighter future. Please check out 19 things that you can do this summer to foster connection and community.

19 Ways to Engage in Your Community this summer – inspired by the issues that GC students have focused on over the last year:

  1. Volunteer at Local Shelters: Learn about the needs of unhorsed community members in your town and spend time helping at homeless shelters or other service providers.
  2. Community Clean-ups: Organize or participate in local park or beach clean-ups.
  3. Practice bridging across lines of difference: Free Educator Toolkit and this tool was created by Greater Good Science Center, Generation Citizen, and Making Caring Common for kids and their families.
  4. Help maintain or create community gardens to promote local food growth.
  5. Library Programs: Help out with summer reading programs or events at the local library.
  6. Become a Mentor or  Coach: Volunteer as a coach or assistant for local youth sports teams or become a civic mentor.
  7. Promote Voter Registration and Pre-Registration: Organize or participate in voter registration drives (and pre-registration drives where applicable) to help others register to vote. ​​Rock the Vote 
  8. Distribute Campaign Materials: Hand out flyers, put up signs, and distribute literature to promote issues you support.
  9. Host Informational Events: Organize forums, discussion groups, or educational events to inform the community about the issues at stake.
  10. Write Letters to the Editor: Submit opinion pieces or letters to local newspapers to voice your support for an issue that matters to you.
  11. Join or Form Advocacy Groups: Get involved with local political or issue-based groups that work on voter education, policy advocacy, or community organizing.
  12. Food Drives: Collect and distribute food to local food banks.
  13. Attend Town Halls and Debates: Go to local town halls and debates to stay informed and ask questions directly to candidates.
  14. Bring Generation Citizen to your community. generationcitizen.org/get-involved/
  15. Neighborhood Improvement Projects: Help with projects like building benches, painting public spaces, or planting trees.
  16.  Environmental Advocacy: Green your routine and get involved in local environmental groups.
  17. Support Local Businesses: Promote and shop at local businesses to help boost the local economy.
  18. Build relationships with community members of different ages and listen to what matters to them Beyond passing the Torch Report
  19. Learn about running for office in the future.

By engaging in these activities, young people can make a meaningful impact on their communities and develop valuable skills and experiences.

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