Generation Citizen Impact Briefing

We are excited to share with you a recording of Generation Citizen’s (GC) Impact Briefing. In the hour-long webinar that took place on October 22, we reviewed GC’s first annual Impact Report. The webinar and report are the results of a year-long effort to build out a more comprehensive system to measure impact and ensure that we are achieving our intended impact of empowering young people to be active citizens. This is the start of what we hope will be longstanding culture of evaluation and innovation.

Our newly updated and standardized performance measurement system assesses the short-term impact of GC’s action civics program on students. The report draws from data collected from student pre and post surveys and teacher end of semester surveys to provide a more holistic picture of our impact.¬† The assessment is grouped into three key areas; areas that are research demonstrates are predictors of likelihood of future engagement:

  • CIVIC SKILLS:¬†ability to think critically, problem-solve, and work collaboratively.
  • CIVIC KNOWLEDGE: knowledge of local representatives and core concepts related to advocacy and democracy, such as ways they can influence the political process.
  • CIVIC DISPOSITION: intended likelihood of being civically engaged by participating in activities such as voting and contacting a representative.

For each section, we reviewed the results from the surveys, and action we are taking to continually iterate and improve our program. We were joined by Peter Levine of CIRCLE.  Peter offered valuable big-picture context of successes and challenges in action civics and the broader field. Please listen to and share the webinar recording. We look forward to continuing to share our findings with you.