Launching Generation Citizen’s 2017–2018 Policy + Advocacy Agenda

Our vision for federal, state, and district policies that will bring Action Civics to every student

Generation Citizen’s (GC) policy and advocacy agenda describes our approach to prioritizing Action Civics in federal, state, and district-level policies, laws, education standards, and programming. Our agenda is not intended to serve as a definitive statement to be applied in all communities. Instead, the agenda is an outline of our policy positions for promoting essential components of Action Civics policy. These essential components include the prioritization of student-voice, project-based learning, civic knowledge, and targeted youth engagement with local government.

The policy and advocacy agenda reviews GC’s Action Civics policy and advocacy positions at the federal, state, and district levels. Based on our recently passed strategic plan, GC has determined that state-level advocacy efforts present the best opportunity to create favorable conditions for the implementation of Action Civics. This state-level focus includes both influencing state-level legislation, and working with State Departments of Education and other key players to create positive conditions for schools to engage in the practice. While policy change at all levels is necessary to create favorable conditions for Action Civics, we will focus our own advocacy efforts and resources primarily at the state-level.

Read our Agenda here.