NYC DCs Reflect: Haikus from Training Day

At the end of two longs days of training, we asked our NYC Democracy Coaches to reflect on the experience in the form of a haiku. Lots of mixed emotions – from excitement to anxiousness to plain old fatigue after a long day.

Boston, Bay Area, and Rhode Island DCs: you’re not alone! We’re all in this together as we kick off GC’s best semester yet.


Terrified for this

But I learned more than I know

Excited for this


To write a haiku

Cannot possibly contain

My full excitement


I am a student

This is very difficult

Work together, please


Me being part of

Generation Citizen

Will be amazing


We will work hard in

Generation Citizen

As the wind blows on


The flowers today

Are like that democracy

Of the USA


Civic engagement

Is so very important

So you must learn it


The great nature of

The lovely democracy

Of the USA


The democracy

Is a tool for us to use

To our advantage


Inspiring students

Of today for tomorrow

Empowering the youth


These two days were long

But I learned a lot of things

I am glad I came


It’s my fifth training

I’m very excited now

My DCs are great


Listening, guiding

Everyone explore yourself

Lead to civil change


Haikus are not fun

But GC is lots of fun

Have a good weekend


Generation is

Citizen democra-

Cy to see for all


Everything was new

I am excited for it

I am ready to start!


On an adventure

To empower youth

Venture forward, cheers


I’m excited for this challenge

I cannot wait to learn from others

And watch us all grow


I love my DCs

Girls take on the world at Pace

So excited to know you


A very long day

Generation Citizen

It was so worth it


Ah! Public speaking!

Two day intensive training

Not so anxious now.


Busy, so much to do

I keep so busy

Tons and tons to do