Jessica Wise

Jessica was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She lived in North Carolina for undergraduate school, where she attended Bennett College. During her time in both high school and college her interest for youth education and advocacy grew. As a college student, she learned the importance using her voice to empower and uplift others to take action. From registering voters in primary and national elections to attending campus town hall meetings.

After undergrad, Jessica became an Americorp Success Mentor to students in the same school in which she had graduated from years ago. Her passion for youth advocacy and social justice stems from her parents, who have always advocated for change in their community. They encouraged her to know who her local and state stakeholders were and how to collaborate with others to create a more equitable community. Through Generation Citizen, Jessica hopes to educate and inspire young people to believe in their voices to make a lasting impact.

Jessica loves the arts! She can often be found singing,or dancing to your favorite songs. She loves to travel, paint and spending quality time with family and friends.