What We’re Reading

Every week, GC picks out a selection of articles that are relevant to our work and to the civics education space as a whole. We at GC love to expand our learning in every aspect of what we do, and we hope you enjoy our selections!

In Defense of ‘Slacktivism,’ The Chronicle of Higher Education: Can a Tweet or two, sent from a college dorm room or the gym, really lead to social change?

Trump Did Not Break Politics, The New York Times: Donald Trump’s defiance of the “rules” of politics may get us talking, but he’s not the only politician breaking the rules of the game.


“Can Schools Be Fixed”, The Atlantic: Leaders in education share what is causing them to “hope” or “despair” as we head into 2016.


Eric Liu: Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power, TED.com: How learning civics can create a more even distribution of power in America.


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