Lesson Plans for Teachers: NYC City Charter Revision Commissions!

Generation Citizen created this rapid response Lesson Package for teachers to implement in their 8th to 12th-grade classrooms in order to both ensure a more informed local population and engage young people in this important local political procedure.

Over the next year, New Yorkers will have multiple opportunities to share their input and shape the future of the City Charter; however, a large portion of New Yorkers are not aware of the importance of the City Charter and the Charter Revisions Commissions.



This lesson package is nonpartisan and provides students space to learn about the City Charter and Charter Revision process, form their own opinions on the City Charter and participate in our local government by sharing those opinions with the Commissions and their community.  The goal of this Lesson Package is for students to:

  1. Learn about and critically analyze the City Charter
  2. Form opinions on what works and what needs improvement in the City Charter
  3. Inform themselves about the three ballot proposals from Mayor de Blasio’s Charter Commission, which will be featured on the back of November 6, 2018 ballot
  4. Learn about the Charter Commission 2019, which is currently seeking input from New Yorkers and will submit a draft of a new or revised Charter to voters for approval
  5. Share their voices and opinions with Charter Commission 2019