Meet a DC! Boston University’s Mai Mazan

The following interview was posted on the Microsoft Blog, after Boston’s Civic Tech Challenge hackathon event hosted at Microsoft N.E.R.D. in November. Mai Mazan, a Democracy Coach from Boston University, was generous enough to share her experience with GC with the folks at Microsoft, and we always love hearing about the incredible work our DCs are doing!
What is your name, college, school in which you teach GC, and hometown?
My name is Mai Mazan and I am a freshman at Boston University. I teach for GC at Gardner Pilot Academy in Allston and I am originally from Maryland and Virginia.
Describe the issue your GC class is working on this semester:
This semester my class is focusing on bullying. All of the students in my class agreed that bullying was an issue, but they weren’t sure how to help. The more they researched bullying and bullying policies in Boston they realized that they, and most people in their school, didn’t know much about bullying policies in BPS. So they are working towards integrating bullying education into their school.
Why did you join GC and become a Democracy Coach?
I become a Democracy Coach because I was interested in volunteering with students in Boston. I picked Generation Citizen because I never got a civic education until I was a senior in high school. I could vote before I truly understood our democratic system! When I saw the chance to provide this education to others, I jumped at the opportunity.
How does GC impact your students?
Generation Citizen is such an amazing experience for my students. Many of my students have never had a real civics education and being able to learn about government and, at the same time, have an impact in their community is eye opening for them. I think that students also take away more than just a civics education. They learn how to speak and write formally. They learn how to work in groups and present information. It is amazing what the students can accomplish after just one semester with Generation Citizen.
How has GC helped you in your education and career?
As a bilingual education major I am always looking for ways to sharpen my teaching skills and Generation Citizen has provided that for me. Being able to work with a large range of students has allowed me to assess myself as a teacher and how I want to continue and improve. And next semester I will function as the Education Director for my chapter, which I know, will be impressive to employers in the future!
What is your favorite spot in Boston?
I know it’s typical, but I love the North End. I grew up on a boat so I love being near the docks and the amazing Italian food doesn’t hurt!
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