[podcast] Civics Disrupted: The Rise and Potential of Political Entrepreneurship

Rising to meet the many social and political challenges facing our democracy is a new breed of innovator and disruptor.

Political Entrepreneurs are addressing some of democracy’s most pressing challenges by delivering fresh and innovative ideas, products, and services. On Wednesday, April 25th Generation Citizen, brought together a panel of diverse civic disruptors to explore the emergence, rise, and impact of the political innovation space within the fields of education, technology, and governance.

In this podcast I am joined by the panel’s moderator Claudina Sarahe, founder of Composites Collective, a firm that employs dynamic systems analysis of social structures and design to transform companies, non-profits, universities, and societies to dig into this topic further.

Listen as Claudina shares her perspective and thought leadership on Civics Disrupted, discussing challenges of systems change, shared values of democracy building, and online and offline tools for engagement.

Learn more about each of our panelists: 

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“Deliberation — listening to each other deeply, thinking together and working out something that we can all live with — is magical.” Audrey Tang, Digital Minister without Portfolio of Taiwan.

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