Daniel S.

“I realized that ever since you’re a little kid you think everything is perfect, but now I realize there are a lot of flaws I can change.”

Maribel R.

“I feel like Generation Citizen has helped me learn that I have a voice. That my opinion matters and that I can make a change.”

Alexis D.

“You need to communicate to get things done. Communication is key.”

Enrique S.

“What I have learned is that helping out in the community is very important and being able to do something about the issues we have within the community.”

Sabrina H.

“It made me open into realization into what is going on.”

Karly A.

“It definitely influences how I view our community. It shows me what I can do to change what I am passionate about.”

Ashley J.

“Generation Citizen has let me know that I can make a change. It has given me an eye for politics. It gives younger kids a voice.”

Abagail M.

“Generation Citizen has really shown me that even students as young as we are have the capability to impact our community.”

Hannah C.

“It has been enlightening. It has helped me to become a better speaker and member of my community.”

Ryan P.

“It has been great. I have learned a lot, more than just doing bookwork about government. I have an idea on how bills are processed or rejected, the cycle. Overall, I love having Generation Citizen at my school.”