What We’re Reading

Every few weeks, GC picks out a selection of articles that are relevant to our work and to the civics education space as a whole. We at GC love to expand our learning in every aspect of what we do, and we hope you enjoy our selections!

Building Effective Coalitions with Fair Fares Campaign Members, New York Nonprofit Media (Podcast)
In this insightful podcast, leaders of the Fair Fares campaign in NYC share how more than 40 partners work together to pursue their policy goal of establishing half-price MetroCards for those living in poverty.

The Case for Contentious Curricula, The Atlantic
The authors, both education professors, argue that teachers should be empowered to address contentious issues in the classroom. Helping students learn about and discuss controversial issues can result in positive learning outcomes, but the long history of restrictions on political discussions in the classroom persists.

Teen’s election to Pearland school board turns heads, Houston Chronicle
Voters in Pearland, TX just elected an 18-year-old to the local school board. High school senior Mike Floyd beat a 6-year incumbent to win the seat. He has already earned the respect of fellow school and district leaders, and aims to use his firsthand experience as a student to better represent students’ and teachers’ interests.

Europe’s youth don’t care to vote — but they’re ready to join a mass revolt, Quartz
This article reports on survey data showing an increase in European young people’s willingness to participate in protests, despite continued declines in youth voter turnout. The data indicates that youth in Europe are interested in making a difference, but do not necessarily believe that participating in politics in the traditional way will bring about the changes they seek.

The End of Slacktivism? New America
This blog post ponders whether social media is beginning to mobilize activists and shape American public policy in more profound ways than online political engagement, or “slacktivism” has in the past. In other words, “social media-born activism has grown some teeth.”