What We’re Reading

Every week, GC picks out a selection of articles that are relevant to our work and to the civics education space as a whole. We at GC love to expand our learning in every aspect of what we do, and we hope you enjoy our selections!

Young Iowans Set Record for Republic Caucus Participation While Overall Youth Turnout 11%, The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE): Young people made up 15% of total caucus-goers on Monday evening, for an approximate 53,000 young people taking part in the first-in-the-nation ritual. How does this compare to previous elections cycles, and how did the candidates fare among this age group?

Unlocking Latino Civic Potential: 2016 and Beyond, The Aspen Institute, Latinos & Society Program: GC Co-Founder, Scott Warren, was part of a group that analyzed potential strategies to increase Latino civic engagement.  Civic education is one of the four key pillars!


Butterfly Effects, 99% Invisible: What do election officials have to learn from graphic designers? A unique look at ballot design throughout history and its impact on the democratic process.


How Diversity Makes Us Smarter, Scientific American: Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working.